Heritage and Culture

Ancestral homes, age-old landmarks, traditions and rituals celebrate time and life

As rich in heritage and culture as it is in fertile lands, Camiguin is home to several Important Cultural Treasures, including three National Cultural Treasures as declared by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts—the Spanish-era watchtower, the Old Bonbon Church Ruins and the Sunken Cemetery.

The colorful Lanzones Festival also calls Camiguin its home. Already in its 40th year, the festival gives thanks for bountiful harvest of sweet Lanzones, which Camiguin is famous for.


Plaza Union (1914)

In Plaza Union stands the 1914 Fountain, a monument that commemorates Mambajao’s glorious ...

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Gabaldon Buildings

The Gabaldon School Buildings were erected between 1907 and 1915, when the “Gabaldon Law” ...

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Old Church Ruins

The Gui-ob Church ruins is a relic of the introduction of Christianity to the island, which...

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Sunken Cemetery

An enormous white cross was put up to mark the community cemetery, which sunk following the...

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Moro Watch Tower

A fort constructed near the shores of North Poblacion, Guinsiliban by the natives in the Pre-...

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Ancestral Homes

Looking like lavishly ornate boxes, ancestral homes were a drastic departure from the traditi...

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Other Heritage Spots

Camiguin has various heritage sites from the classical, Spanish and American era, although the...

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Panaad Sa Camiguin

Thousands of devotees partake in the annual “Panaad”, a journey of faith and discovery. The pilgrim...

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San Juan Hibok-hibok Festival

Celebrated every 24th of June to honor the patron St John the Baptist, during the San Juan sa Hibok...

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Lanzones Festival

Camiguin produces the sweetest Lanzones of the Philippines and Camiguinons certainly know how to give...

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May Festivals

The May Festival is a month-long fiesta in celebration of the towns and barangays of Camiguin. The month...

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Despite being the small island it is, international influence has found its way to Camuigin. In addition to the traditional flavor, you can also find cravings like pizza, pasta, smoothie bowls and vegetarian treats. Our listing covers as many restaurants as possible, but if we missed a few, do let us know!

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Dive Shops

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